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Alchemical medicine

Introduction to Alchemy

The lost art of Ancient Alchemy is to be revived, brought back to life!

At these times, we’re in utmost need of going back to nature, because we’ve become out of sync, disharmonious, destroying the very things that we should be protecting. Thereby destroying our health, relationships, and became solely reliant on artificial outside sources.

in this course, the goal of Mr. Atef is to bring you back to your harmonious state, in order to start seeing the meaning behind things in nature, the symbolism, to gain the wisdom that God put out there for those who think.

That’d be the beginning of the journey, where it takes you depends on your readiness and willingness to do what it takes, to experiment on your own, after going through the initiation stage.

At first, Mr. Atef is providing you with an exclusive alchemical herbal immunity mixture that helps cure many ailments, since he’s more focused on the medicinal side and wants to give something useful for the Corona period that we’re going through.

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